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December 29, 2011





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Welcome to Brookwood Tax Service


Brookwood Tax Service handles income tax matters for individuals, couples, families and small business owners or professionals.  Let us take the burden off your shoulders!


Our service is distinguished by close personal attention to your tax preparation. The objective of every tax return preparation and income tax planning engagement is to ensure you pay the lowest possible tax allowed by the tax rules this year and in future years, so your assets can grow.


Available tax services include federal and state income tax return preparation, preparation of amended tax returns to reflect post-filing changes in a tax situation,  and income tax planning for multiple years or specific situations (such as saving for college or claiming proper deductions and/or credits for education expenses).  More info!


Brookwood Tax Service, LLC specializes in tax return preparation and tax planning for U.S. citizens and resident aliens working overseas who qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion, which shields up to $92,900 of their earned income (2011 exclusion amount) from U.S. income taxes.  More Info!


Brookwood Tax Service also offers representation for taxpayers facing audits, tax collection actions or tax appeals.  An authorized representative can deal with the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer to deal with back taxes or other tax problems.  In most cases, the taxpayer with an authorized representative does not have to personally attend IRS audits or hearings.


Check here often for updates on tax developments that may affect your income tax preparation or tax planning for this year and next.  In addition to the tax headlines to the right, you'll find more tax news in the Tax News Headlines section.


We also offer expanded tax information related to both personal and small business income tax preparation and income tax planning:

Personal Income Tax Tips
Business Income Tax Tips

We communicate with our clients primarily via mail, e-mail, phone and fax.  Most of our clients require Georgia income tax returns as well as federal tax returns, but we prepare any state income tax return a client requires. 


Pick-up and delivery of tax data organizers and tax returns is available in the Buckhead and Midtown Atlanta areas.  See logistical details in our Services section.  The various methods to contact us are listed on our Contact page.


  Which Tax Documents Does Your Tax Pro Need?
Use our checklist to help locate and organize the documents needed for your tax return.
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Part-Year Georgia Taxpayers Have Three Options to Calculate Lowest Tax 

If you lived only part of the year in Georgia, be sure you calculate your Georgia personal exemptions and Georgia deductions properly to owe the lowest Georgia income tax!
Click here for Details.






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